Education for Sustainability: Integrating Green Skills into Curriculum

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Education for Sustainability Integrating Green Skills into Curriculum A Conversation with Gaia Learning and Take Action Global The digital landscape is dramatically transforming the traditional education model, and Gaia Learning, an online school dedicated to neurodivergent children, is at the fore...

How to create hybrid learning for your neurodivergent students

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How to create hybrid learning for your neurodivergent students From conversations to collaborations Hello, everyone! Kirstin here, the passionate founder of Gaia Learning, committed to revolutionising the traditional educational paradigm. Our mission is all about flexibility and challenge in learni...

Decoding AI for the Future of Education: A Parental Perspective

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Decoding AI for the Future of Education A Parental Perspective A Conversation at the crossroads of change As I reflect on my journey into the heart of educational transformation, it’s ironic that one of my most profound discussions unfolded on a platform I’d never ventured into for live conversatio...

Transforming ADHD and Autism Education: Allegori's Revolutionary Neuro-feedback Approach

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Unlocking Neurodiversity Strategies & EEG Tech for Positive Learning I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kheston Walkins from Allegori. This innovative neuro-technology company is committed to improving the focus and overall well-being of students. This dialogue revealed the transformative...

Championing Online Education: Addressing Misconceptions and Highlighting Benefits

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Countering the Government's Stance on Online Schools "The government needs to recognise the potential of online schools and invest in this growing sector of education," says Kate Longworth co-founder of Gaia Learning. The government's recent statement that online schools are not a viable alternativ...
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