How to create hybrid learning for your neurodivergent students

lock Member-only access_time 2024-03-18T21:45:24.529Z face Kirstin Coughtrie
How to create hybrid learning for your neurodivergent students From conversations to collaborations Hello, everyone! Kirstin here, the passionate founder of Gaia Learning, committed to revolutionising the traditional educational paradigm. Our mission is all about flexibility and challenge in learni...

Embracing Flexibility: How FlexiSchool and FlexiWork are Revolutionising Education and Employment

access_time 2022-10-03T05:31:07.484Z face Lauren Brooks
Remote Teaching: The Millennial Digital Nomad Why FlexiSchool and FlexiWork just make sense. As I write this blog, I’m hovering some 38,000 feet above the Aegean Sea. I’m currently doing a month-long solo trip around Europe, before returning for a visit to the UK after being abroad for almost four ...

A New Systems Approach with Gaia Learning: A school in your pocket

access_time 2022-04-01T14:34:48.83Z face Kirstin Coughtrie
A school in your pocket FlexiSchool, by Gaia Learning, takes school out of the building and puts it in the hands of young people and their parents to transform and reimagine a sustainable future for education. Tuesday 5 April 2022 A new systems approach to human centred, sustainable learning. What i...
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