Cambridge Primary English Year 6

English Year 6

Our new Cambridge Primary English encourages a life-long enthusiasm for reading, writing and spoken communication. Learners develop English skills for different purposes and audiences.

This curriculum is for learners who have English as a first language, and can be used in any cultural context. For learners who speak a language other than English at home, see our Cambridge Primary English as a Second Language curriculum.


Language: English

Instructors: Gaia Learning

£700 including VAT



Independent - Course only

Here you can enrol and download the course content immediately to your ‘my courses’ tab and learn independently at a time and pace that suits you. Your assignments will be marked by a qualified teacher and your progress will be monitored.


Flexible - Course + Tuition

This is the most comprehensive and personalised way to learn with a qualified teacher who can support you at a time and date that suits you. When you download the course content you can also book time with a teacher to start your learning journey.


Online School - small group classes

With a maximum of 12 students to ensure dedicated learning time with the teacher, your child will be part of a small class. This cost covers the course plus a place in the virtual classroom for this subject.

What will students learn?

Your child will develop skills and understanding in four areas: reading, writing, speaking, and listening. They will learn how to communicate effectively and respond to a range of information, media, and texts to:

  • Become confident communicators, able to apply all four skills effectively in everyday situations.
  • See themselves as readers, engaging with a range of texts for information and for pleasure, including texts from different times and cultures.
  • See themselves as writers, using the written word clearly and creatively for a range of different audiences and purposes.

Personalised resources included with this course:

With this course, students will be provided individual and customised access to a range of subscriptions and course books in digital format including Britannica School.  These fully cover the exam syllabus and/or the English National Curriculum, and are usually endorsed by the relevant exam board. These are included with our courses and offer substantial savings over individual subscriptions.


After successfully enrolling in this course, you will be able to access it from the ‘My Courses’ section when you are logged into your account. Course content will be available from 5 September 2022. If you reserve a place on our online school you will be asked to complete a student admission form and able to meet your teacher before the term starts.

You can access your course material, live and recorded classes as well as communicate with your teacher from inside your course. You will be able to meet your teacher before the start of term.

If you have any problems or questions please email us and our team will get straight back to you.

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